Charles Harbour, also known as Charlie Harbour, is a BFSA Award short listed cover artist and computer games designer whose whimsical and fantastical works have attracted acclaim within the Sci-Fi and Fantasy community. He has designed various covers as resident artist for Immersion Press and last year was shortlisted by the BFSA for "Fun With Rainbows", written by Gareth Owens. His work can also be seen in Spectrum:The best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.

Already a talented artist, he first started to explore the creative possibilities of digital art back in the 90's with the advent of new technology and the explosion of the games industry. As well as working for various high profile games companies he continues to push the boundaries of his art and expand his porfolio of cover art.

He is currently also working on a game being released on PC, MAC and Ps4 called Smith and Winston

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